In June of this year, the second press tour to Tõlluste organic farm took place.


Now the reconstruction of the main manor building is being carried out at Tõlluste. After reconstruction at the manor, you can stay overnight.


Harvesting is completed

Due to the need, to use more organic ingredients in our cosmetics from our own organic farm,  has been this year very active for Tõlluste Manor.


Wild Siberica Saaremaa - NEW product line

On the island of Saaremaa, which is famous for its natural parks and sea climate, we found plants and berries that became the basis for our new Wild Siberica Saaremaa products.


Natura Siberica Loves Estonia Cornflower

 Magic beauty, ancient traditions and rich culture of Estonia inspired our Natura Siberica Loves Estonia product series.


5 years ago Natura Siberica created the first unique organic farm in Tõlluste Manor

More than 5 years ago, Natura Siberica, an internationally renowned manufacturer of cosmetics decided to create the first unique organic farm


New Year's atmosphere on organic farm Tõlluste

 Up to the New 2018 there are 3 days left! Despite the fact that there is absolutely no snow, the atmosphere on the island of Saaremaa is simply magical.


Spring 2017 on the farm Tõlluste

For the manufacture of natural cosmetics we grow more and more new plants every year on our organic farm Tõlluste. 


Natura Siberica Loves Estonia Marigold

Natura Siberica loves Estonia, Estonian traditions, hospitality and unspoiled harmonic nature. 


Extraction shop opened in spring 2016

The company Eurobio Lab picks wild plants and berries in Saaremaa. The gathered plants then go for drying in an old barn with straw roof. And dry plants are delivered for extraction.