In June of this year, the second press tour to Tõlluste organic farm took place. The press tour was organized for popular beauty bloggers and famous editors of fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Home, Dog, Cosmo Beauty, to tell more about how Natura Siberica cosmetics are made in Estonia. As part of the press tour, beauty bloggers and magazine editors saw how plants and herbs are grown on the farm in their natural environment. The gathering of herbs collected in the natural conditions of their growth, called wild harvesting. The uniqueness of such herbs is that they have grown independently, and been collected in the natural conditions of their growth, without being exposed to the outside, and they do not contain harmful substances.
The following herbs are grown on the farm: hypericum, nettle, primrose, Iceland moss, anemone, geranium, mountain ash tree berries, fir tree and pine tree needles, aquilegia, milfoil, ferns, lingonberries. Blue cornflower, chamomile, calendula and white sweet clover were the first plants planted on the farm.
We visited the barn, which is located in an old house of the 16th century with a thatched roof, where all the plants go for drying. In order for plants and herbs to retain all their beneficial properties, it is important to dry them properly.
Having visited the extraction shop at Tõlluste farm, bloggers and editors of magazines got acquainted with the extraction process, in which extracts are obtained from dry plants.
Since the Tõlluste farm has a rich history, we conducted a tour of our estate for our guests and told its story. The manor is surrounded by a picturesque park with old oaks, apple trees, linden trees, gray walnuts and juniper ravines.
The next day, the press tour continued at the Eurobio Lab factory, where extracts are sent from the Tõlluste farm for the production of Natura Siberica cosmetics.