Eurobio Lab has come to Estonian natural reserve island of Saaremaa to establish a farm there

5 hectares of land
Many unique plants growing in clean environment
Pristine unspoiled nature of Saaremaa Island

About Saaremaa

There are still unique places on Earth where plants grow in a free, pure and abundant environment.
In 2014, Eurobio Lab decided to create in Estonia the first unique farm to grow rare plants.
Eurobio Lab uses the vital forces of the plants to support hair and skin beauty and health by means of the most advanced technologies and under the strictest control at all the stages of the production. The plants, gathered in the most pure environment, are used as ingredients to create the cosmetic products of Eurobio Lab.
We selected the place for a good reason. The plants of Saaremaa suffer from wild winds and therefore develop special protective properties very useful for cosmetics. That is why we have chosen the wild island open to high winds.
More than 11,000 years ago, an island appeared in the middle of the Baltic Sea. During the long history, it was called Valdia, Ozylia, Ezel, Sarma, Ossi, Solea, Sosoli. Saaremaa (Est. Saaremaa — land in the sea) is the largest island of Estonia and Moonsund archipelago.
The island in the Baltic Sea is famous for pure pristine nature, country lifestyle, folklore traditions, fishermen villages, straw roof houses, windmills, rye bread, and even a meteorite crater.
As from the middle of XIX century, Saaremaa became a famous health resort where local sea weeds, muds and junipers were used as therapeutic means.

Island Nature

The nature of Saaremaa overwhelms with its wild beauty. The coastline of the island are mainly stony beaches. There are also rock cliffs like, for example, 22-meter high vertical Panga cliff in Küdema Bay or a cliffy Undva cliff at the Tagamõisa peninsula in the north-west of the island.
Strong winds are the reason for constant changes of weather conditions and heavy rains. Flora and fauna of the island are rich, including about 80 percent of Estonian plant species. Almost 122 plant species are protected under national law. In particular, 36 of the 38 orchid species found in Estonian grow in Saaremaa.
Juniper, fir, pine, fescue, bentgrass, thyme, hypericum, primrose, nettle, milfoil, and Iceland moss all grow here in the woods and meadows. Local people have learnt to use many of the grasses and berries for cooking and treatment. Juniper berries are used as spices and to make syrup. Rose hips are used to make syrup and decoction. Herbal teas are very popular — the teas of cranberry, heather or Iceland moss are considered a good flu treatment. Milfoil tea is good for digestion and primrose for antibacterial treatment. Locals also pick raspberries, cranberries, wild strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries, bilberries, rose hips, cloudberry, and ashberry. Cloudberry, one of the most valuable Northern berries, also grows in Saaremaa.